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From our base in Southwest Scotland, we operate our fleet of Mobile Cranes, Timber Haulage Vehicles, Timber Handling Vehicles and Mobile Port Handling Cranes for clients in the UK and across Europe.

  • Port Handling

    Port Handling & Logistics Solutions

    Unique system of transporting mobile port handling equipment.
  • Shipping


    JST operate our own ships, providing whole solution packages if required (shipping, handling and haulage). 
  • Mobile Piers

    Mobile Floating Piers

    Our unique mobile floating piers can be used to create a temporary access to remote shores. 
  • In Forest

    In Forest Low Ground Pressure

    Low Ground Pressure vehicles reduce damage to the forest roads. 
  • Haulage


    JST Services operate an up-to-date, state-of-the-art Timber Haulage fleet. 
  • Tank Drainage

    Tank Sediment Removal

    Our mobile devices can allow tanks to be cleaned, custom grabs can be engineered for the task. 
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